The Eastern Cape region is 16,896,600 hectares (168,966 km²) making it the second largest province in South Africa, after Northern Cape. The landscape within the Eastern Cape region is some of the most diverse in South Africa, ranging from completely arid in the West to well-watered in the East.

Located on the South East coast of South Africa, the Eastern Cape is a slightly different safari destination to those that you may have seen before. Eastern Cape Game Reserve contains five different ecological zones, ranging from rugged mountains to dry savannah to lush evergreen forests.

Eastern Cape also consists of 6 different reserves and has a huge variety of flora and fauna, including the Big Five that people travel from across the globe to see, and is situated on the stunning Sunshine Coast which offers kilometers of beautiful beaches, making this the perfect safari destination for anyone.

The Eastern Cape consists of six private game reserves; Amakhala Game Reserve, Kariega Game Reserve, Lalibela Game Reserve, Shamwari Game Reserve, Kwandwe Game Reserve and Kwantu Game Reserve. Each of these private game reserves offers something for everyone; at Kwandwe guests can embark on a four-day safari participating in a rhino-darting and microchipping program.


The Eastern Cape Game Reserve is abundant with a huge variety of wildlife including elephants, giraffes, hippos and the elusive cheetah. At Shamwari Game Reserve elephants, lions, giraffe, and hippos are all common sightings but cheetahs and leopards are rare here.

In Kwandwe and Amakhala the elephant sightings are less common but cheetah and leopard sightings are more common in these locations. It is suggested that you research which animals are commonly sighted in each area to help you decide which game reserve within Eastern Cape Game Reserve you wish to partake in on a once in a lifetime safari adventure.


Eastern Cape Game Reserve also offers a colossal variety of birdlife which will awe even the most experienced bird watcher. With over 300 species of bird residing in the area year round, it is not uncommon to lose hours of your day in awe of these beautiful creatures. The Blue Crane, Cape Vulture and Martial Eagle are all common birds to spot during your safari at Eastern Cape Game Reserve.

In order to optimize your bird watching experience (although bird watching is generally good year-round within the Eastern Cape Region), plan your trip from November to April, when the migratory birds of northern Africa and Europe have arrived for their summer holiday, escaping the often harsh European winters.


Eastern Cape is abundant with every type of accommodation to suit the needs and budget of every guest. If you’re looking for romantic lodges, cozy homestays, all-inclusive hotels, homely bed and breakfasts or even camping under the stars, Eastern Cape has it all. You can choose to stay in the luxury of a hotel that caters to all of your creature comforts or you can stay in a rustic lodge with the African wildlife right on your doorstep; the choice is entirely yours.

Safari Recommendations

Eastern Cape Game Reserve is a huge ecosystem and home to one of the most diverse collections of wild animals in the world. You can partake in a wide variety of safari experiences in Eastern Cape Game Reserve including game drives, river cruises, bush walks or game viewing. There are even safari options available for children, making Eastern Cape the perfect safari holiday for anyone! Whatever you want to achieve from a safari holiday you are almost guaranteed to find it at Eastern Cape.

When To Visit?

The ideal time of year to visit Eastern Cape Game Reserve is during the warmer summer months from October until April due to the temperatures being more comfortable for humans and animals alike. This is also the dry season, with less rain meaning that animal sightings are easier because the animals will usually gather by a predictable water source, and also the roads are a lot easier to drive on.

Eastern Cape Game Reserve enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters (May to September) and warm summers (October to April). The climate is very moderate throughout the year. Eastern Cape Game Reserve is renowned for having all of the Big Five safari wildlife. This combined with a year-round pleasant climate makes Eastern Cape the perfect safari destination for everyone.

Is The Eastern Cape Game Reserve For Me?

Shamwari is great for families with its ‘Kids on Safari’ program and Kariega even offers a conversation volunteering program for those who wish to get even more involved in the conservation of some of the world’s most beautiful but endangered animals. Shamwari also offers opportunities for volunteering with a focus on the preservation of wildlife, local ecology, and community work.

There are many reasons that guests continue to return to Eastern Cape Game Reserve, due to the amazing opportunities to spot a huge variety of birdlife and wildlife including the Big Five and also due to the pleasant summer climate and the presence of the Sunshine Coast. Being one of the largest safari zones in the world, Eastern Cape Game Reserve has something for everyone.

Book your trip to Eastern Cape today and experience one of South Africa’s most incredible locations first hand.


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